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How we're doing this

  • Blueprint

    Open source exponential enterprise curriculum.

  • Capital

    Access to the right investors at the right time.

  • Guidance

    As/when needed advice from trusted advisors.

  • Solutions

    Best-in-class products/services to grow fast.

Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)

Exponential University’s intention is to expand human potential and alleviate unnecessary suffering to enable meaningful living for everyone on the planet.

We believe meaningful living is a human right. Systems of control have blocked access to this right for most of the world’s population. We invest in startups that disrupt systems of control and correct power imbalances, giving everyone equal and fair access to products, services and communities that help enable meaningful living.

We created Exponential University (ExU) to help founders build exponential enterprises. We believe exponential startups are the best catalyst for social change. We only invest in founders who have the highest potential of exponentially scaling solutions globally.

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The people with the big ideas

If you’ve got an awesome idea that you need to build, this is your new home.

Grow your enterprise exponentially.

There are two types of Exponential University enterprises: Portfolio and Member.

Member enterprises have access to Exponential University’s open source curriculum, the online community, and ExU’s verified service providers.

Portfolio enterprises are organizations that have received a capital investment from one of Exponential University’s venture funds. Portfolio enterprises have access to everything Member’s have, plus receive direct guidance from Advisors and frequent exposure to Investors.

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Exponential University curriculum provides the concepts and approaches to properly plan, and the access to Advisors gives me the real-time insights I need make the best decisions possible at any given point. It’s essentially accesto information I wouldn’t otherwise have, and is essential to the rapid growth I’m looking for.

Tamas Perlaky | CIO, Avalon


Those that have been there before

If you have experience and enjoy guiding others, this is where you fit in.

If you’re an expert and passionate about your domain, apply to become a member of an extraordinary group of advisors, advising the most exciting startups in the world.

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Exponential University is really about education, making these exponential principles available to everyone to through open source curriculum. This removes significant waste caused by everyone trying to work out problems that have long ago been solved, and focuses the founders on what matters and what will make a difference to the planet: their unique ability.

Jim Sheils | Founder, Board Meetings International


The people that engage with capital

If you have (or represent) financial resources, this your hub for the world’s best investments.

Imagine investing in startups that are architected to scale to infinity (from the start), and founders are supported with the best advice at every step.

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I’ve never felt I had a safe place to learn how to invest. I have an interesting opportunity to learn that skill, and support businesses I believe will do incredible things alongside people I trust. No stupid questions, lots of clear options, and pretty cool conversations around a subject I used to feel I couldn’t grasp.

Neeley Koester


Those that support with great solutions

Someone that offers an essential product or service to an exponential enterprise.

Is your product or service the best in the world. Do you care about your clients like no one else does and does your industry excite you? If so, let us know.

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Exponential University is going to change the way we build and grow organizations. By allowing founders open access to the most recent information on architecting an exponential enterprise, and then promoting access to trusted advisors that provide the right insights at the right time, they’ve de-risked and accelerated the growth of enterprises, well, exponentially!

Jim Sheils | Founder, First 100 Days


For the supportive and curious

This is someone that doesn’t fit into the other categories, but wants to stay connected!

Don’t feel like you fall into any of the other groups, but you’re excited about the exponential movement? Connect here, and we’ll keep you informed.

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Meet the Founding Members

James Wallace

I work/create like I live life: with purpose. I value people and places, not things. I prefer thoughts and ideas, not beliefs and opinions. My default mode: Innovate, bootstrap and stay agile.

James Tonn

My superpower is designing and scaling companies. I’m dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create positive social change. I do that as an Impact Advisor and Angel Investor, putting my money where my heart is.

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