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Football sports are quite popular in Malaysia, especially the culture of watching football matches along with a lot of teenagers and elders. There are many soccer fans who support certain clubs and national football teams. Meanwhile, betting on sports matches are generally practised by certain football fans, which bet on the team they loved, or put on stakes by predicting the scores of match results.

However, it is not easy to find a genuine and trusted sports booking online platform in Malaysia. People might see some sports betting websites appear in social media, but not all of them are trustworthy or safe for security.

We1Win provides the best sportsbook online platform in Malaysia. Here, you can trust our online security, betting system and trading process.

We1Win sportsbook platform comes with vendors Maxbet Sports and CMD Sports, both providing excellent experience of sports betting. Not just football games, you can also bet on various sports there, such as badminton which is the most popular sport in Malaysia, and NBA basketball games, F1 Racing, tennis, volleyball, baseball, cricket and so on.

Are you football fans who have great knowledge and nice predicting talent? Why not use them to make some fortune! At We1Win sports betting website, you could play sports booking in various options, such as the most popular handicap method, and also score predicting, big/small etc.

Malaysian football fans mostly support English Premier League clubs, especially those great teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea. So why not bet on your favourite club while watching their match, to make the game more exciting and passionate? If you are not confident in your prediction, you can also put a little amount of stakes in sports booking as entertainment, as no minimum bet required.

Besides the EPL, We1Win also provided betting in all kinds of football leagues like Italian Serie A, Spanish LA Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, and much more competitions worldwide including Asia and South America.

As for national football matches, you won’t miss the major titles such as FIFA World Cup, Euro Cup and Copa America. Each time those major national football events are ongoing, why not come and bet on, to share the passion and feel the craziness of football? Team England, France, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Argentina and so on, pick a national team you favoured and put your stakes. For the FIFA World Cup and Euro Cup which are only held once in 4 years, make sure you don’t miss the chance to keep up the trend.

Not really into football games, but a badminton lover? We1Win sports booking platform is also providing bets on badminton matches. While watching badminton games with excitement and intensity, you can bet on your supported players too. Among those world top players like Malaysian favourite Lee Zii Jia, Viktor Axelsen, Kento Momota, why not bet on them if you are expecting they could win the match.

Betting while watching sports matches is so much fun and exciting, don’t just shout and cheer in front of the TV, go put some bet and feel the passion!

Play Now, Win Now, with We1Win.

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