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How Football Culture Changed Malaysians’ Life

Football, the hottest sport, becoming a culture worldwide and in Malaysia. We talk, play and watch football, now have more fun with live betting on football.

Football, the most popular sport in human history, is regarded as a culture which influences human life. People who love football are talking about it, playing it, watching it and studying it as a subject, knowledge or an element in their life.

Some people could be very crazy about football, almost everything in their life is related to it, including their costumes, hairstyles, exhibits or displays in their home or room, even their food.

These football superfans or called as football fevers are quite common though, as well as in Malaysia, where you might find one or few of them around you.

Watch Football: Common Activity in Malaysia

Watching live football matches is an activity which is very common in Malaysia, it has become a significant custom among Malaysians for every race and community.

At night time, especially during weekends, there are many people sitting in the restaurants or pubs, watching live football competitions through the televisions or LED projectors. They focused on the game, shouting for the goals and cheering for the victory.

Football fans also like to watch football games in their own house, so that they can focus more on their favourite team playing. They might invite some friends to their house to watch together, have fun cheering or celebrate together.

EPL: Popular Games for All Year

For those live football matches to be watched, English Premier League (EPL) competitions are the most to be watched and supported within Malaysian football fans.

The EPL matches are widely discussed and followed by Malaysians, including the famous teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and others. Football fans also keep updated themselves with the EPL news or information, such as EPL matches today, EPL fixtures, EPL table and EPL transfer news.

Super Trend of FIFA World Cup

Catch the burning hot phenomenon of the most popular single sport event in human history!

The FIFA World Cup, which is held every four years, is trending enough to influence the whole world during its tournament. It records billions of live audiences worldwide, while all the mainstream media are reporting its news and results.

The most magical part of the FIFA World Cup is, even the people who are not in favour of football are getting influenced, they might also participate in live matches watching as an ‘’amateur’’, just to involve themselves into this major tournament.

For the FIFA World Cup 2022 which is hosted by Qatar in November and December this year, we can expect another enthusiasm of football worldwide and in Malaysia.

During the FIFA World Cup 2022, people will pick the team or player they love and support them along the tournament, feeling the excitement and pleasure, and share the sadness when their favourite team is eliminated.

Why Malaysians Seldom Play Football

Watching football games is very common in Malaysia, however, playing football is not that popular here.

There are some reasons why football playing is not widely practised among Malaysians. The weather here is quite hot all year, so people could only play outdoor events at the short time of evening. The facilities of football fields are not satisfying, including the quality of grass and the lighting during play at night.

It is also difficult to gather 22 people to play a standard football game, while many friends or members are sometimes busy with their own business and family. Nevertheless, most Malaysians, especially living in the cities, prefer to play badminton because there are more facilities available, and easier to gather members to play games.

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