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Massive Transformative Purpose

To use technology and data for its highest purpose: To alleviate suffering and expand human potential, solving major world challenges along the way.

Our Mission

Invest in people. Empower value creators to find, serve and build their tribes. Decentralize and democratize oppressive systems of control. Remove waste and make things faster. Enable and demonstrate the conscious, empathetic and empowering use of technology and data.

Our Vision

Vision 1: We are the most exponential organization. Vision 2: We are the most innovative digital technology company. Vision 3: We are the most enabling/empowering company for startups and causes. Vision 4: We have the best partner experience. Vision 5: We are the best place to work. Vision 6: We create the strongest leaders.

Our 10 Core Values

  1. Amaze. Focus intensely on the needs wants of others.
  2. Think People First. Relationships first, business second.
  3. Be Humble. Ask questions; seek first to understand.
  4. Be Honest and Transparent. Be authentic, open and fair.
  5. Share. Share your work and knowledge to increase collective value.
  6. Be Quick and Agile. Pursue growth and learning; iterate fast.
  7. Be Resourceful. Do more with less, and find solutions.
  8. Attention to Detail. Ensure accuracy; create clarity.
  9. Move the Needle. Deliver incremental, measurable results.
  10. Be Free. Question “authority”; seek wisdom and clarity.

What core values are, and what they mean to us:

Core values cannot be taught – You either have them or you don’t. Someone that doesn’t value our core values isn’t bad or wrong; they are just not right for our tribe. Core values are non-negotiable – There is no excuse for a breach of a core value. If you truly value something, you’d never compromise that value. Core values are all-inclusive – You can’t value a few, and not value others (it’s all or nothing). All core values must be regarded absolutely; some values you may employ more than others however. We hire (and release) on core values – We will ensure that only individuals that share the same core values we do are added to and kept within the tribe. Objective – The optimal scenario is that all tribe members are in complete alignment with all core values, each and every day. We will be forever nurturing and grooming our tribe based on that single objective. Summary – With every tribe member honouring all of the core values, and with an unwavering focus on our mission, we will create a clear, fun and rewarding environment that will naturally lead us to our vision.

Drive. Commitment. Focus

Our 4 drivers are a synthesis of our 10 core values, into the 4 traits most important to manifesting our visions.
  1. Seek to Amaze.
  2. Think Other People First.
  3. Be Curious and Resourceful.
  4. Persevere with Determination and Grit.
Our 3 Commitments are:
  1. Acting. Strictly limit administration, and just take action.
  2. Delivering. Turn work in quickly so others can move forward.
  3. Launching. Get it out fast, and mobilize potential early.
Our 1 Core Focus: Listening = You will be heard. Who: This includes teammates, partners and users. We listen to everyone and everything. Result: No anxieties and frustrations. All tensions are processed. All things are optimized. What this means: A voice. Everyone has a voice. Everyone is able to express their voice completely. We all listen. You will be heard.