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English Premier League

The English Premier League (EPL), recognised as the most popular football league worldwide, had grabbed billions of fans who supported those famous clubs. Manchester United, a.k.a. The Red Devil, probably the most popular football club of all time, is still the favourite of a lot of fans.

However, the rising of Liverpool a.k.a. The Reds, who have achieved several successes in these seasons, are getting favoured by more soccer fans. Manchester City and Chelsea, the two rich giants which won the EPL title and UEFA Champions League in the last two seasons, are also having a lot of supporters.

The feature of EPL is that all 20 clubs in the league are having competitive strengths, those bottom teams have the potential to defeat top ranking clubs as well. Also, the tactics and playing styles of EPL teams are attractive and diversified, people won’t get bored with any of 2 EPL clubs battling although they are not the giant teams.

5 Major European Leagues

Instead of EPL, the five major European football leagues included Italian Serie A, Spanish LA Liga, German Bundersliga and French Ligue 1. LA Liga is most popular among them, as there are Real Madrid, which is recognised as the most successful football club of all time, and also the great Barcelona.

Serie A is not too popular among Malaysians, having traditional famous clubs such as Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan, which are getting less competitive and less exposure to the UEFA Champions League in recent years. Bundesliga is probably famous with the giant Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, and Ligue 1 has Paris Saint Germain as their best club.

UEFA Champions League and Europa League

Champions League gathers the top ranking clubs within every major national league, fighting each other from group stage to the knockout rounds, until the final to determine the best club in Europe of the season. Meanwhile, UEFA Europa League is a lower version than Champions League, considered the second level of competitions among European clubs.

FIFA World Cup and EURO Cup

FIFA World Cup is the most reputable and popular football event worldwide, gathers a total of 32 national teams from 6 continents, competing from group stage until the final to decide the world champion. It helds once every 4 years, making its value much precious and honourable. The UEFA EURO Cup or UEFA European Championship has the same concept as the FIFA World Cup, which gathers 24 national teams from Europe, but they are held separately with the year of the World Cup. Therefore, football fans could enjoy watching and betting on these two major events every two years, meanwhile there are still qualification games before the tournament starts.

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